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IDAHOBIT: Standing up to hate

Sharon Jones, a Perthshire-based writer, has shared her perceptions on life as a bisexual woman and some of the challenges she personally faces, as well as the wider LGBT+ community.

MHAW: Lens, Focus, Mind

Loneliness is the theme of Mental Health Awareness Week in 2022.Because of the COVID-19 pandemic, there is an increased sense of loneliness and isolation which undermines confidence in people’s daily routines. Marysia Macfarlane is a Perth-based photographer, who spends much of her time surrounded by nature, camera in hand and a keen eye for the…

MHAW: Art on the Mind

Caitlin, of Wildeye Art, shares their experiences of how practicing art has helped them through mental health challenges.

Crannog Talks Live Stream

We’re joined by Jason from the Scottish Crannog Centre, who will be talking about what they do, their collection of 2,500 year old objects found at the bottom of Loch Tay, the events and workshops we run, and about diversity, both in the Iron Age and how that is reflected at the museum.